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June 20, 2006


Hotxt offers unlimited SMS service at a fixed price.

Cellphone users in the U.K. seem to have it better than those residing across the Atlantic in terms of cellphone services. Hotxt is offering unlimited messages to subscribers at the shockingly low price of £1 per week. Both parties must use Hotxt software on their respective cellphones in order to take advantage of this offer. In addition, you will also receive 5 free SMS messages each day. This is pretty much a no-brainer of a deal, and it is guaranteed to be a hit among text-heavy users such as infatuated teenagers. One just wonders whether the network is able to handle an upsurge in text messages without causing any delays or unsent messages.


Wixzer WXP350 PMP with digital camera

Well, the idea of integrating a digital camera into a Portable Media Player is not entirely new, but most of the attempts fell short to turn it into a “must-have” feature as found in cellphones. Wixzer decided to take the plunge by including a 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera into the WXP350. The WXP350 is powered by Windows CE 5.0, an ARM9+ Digital Signal Processor, and a lovely 4″ widescreen touch display. Other features include a 20GB/30GB hard drive, USB host functionality, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, a built-in FM radio, e-book compatibility, VoIP, GPS, UMS, and video/audio recording. The lithium-polymer battery can last for 6 hours of movie playback before running out of juice.


Nokia 6103 Hands on Review

I have been using Nokia smartphones for some years and was astonished and impressed by the the usability and simplicity of the Nokia 6103 clamshell. The Nokia 6103 is a follow up model of the popular 6101. Apart from the added Bluetooth connectivity and the new material used there are no other changes worth mentioning.

Nokia 6103

* VGA camera
* Nokia Xpress audio messaging, email, and MMS
* Bluetooth 
* Infrared
* USB with Pop-Port
* Two color displays: 128 x 160 pixel internal display and external mini display
* Video recording
* FM stereo radio
* XHTML browser
* E-mail client (IMAP4, POP3, SMTP - TCP/IP based), email via SMS
* Tri-band GSM coverage on up to 5 continents (GSM 850/1800/1900 and 900/1800/1900)
* Vibrating alert
* Voice dialing
* Voice commands
* Voice recording
* Integrated handsfree speaker
* Alarm clock
* Notes
* Calendar
* To-do list
* Stopwatch
* Countdown timer

We say: This is no Razr and some people wont like the bulky external antenna, but if you plan to buy a basic Nokia clamshell this could be your new phone. The price here in Finland is about 180 euros. I guess it s worth paying 20 euros * for the bluetooth and the new rougher material.

* the older 6101 costs 160 euros

P.S. The Nokia 6102i for Americass is also a relatively new phone and is an updtae for the 6102. I did not review the Nokia 6102i, but I guess it has the same functionality as the Nokia 6103.

Nokia Trends

Have you seen this Nokia site? Nokia Trends is a European promotional web site for Nokia music phones. There s also a discussion forum, downloads and some info. The nokiatrends.com site has info for other parts of the world also.

Building a Camera Phone Picture Database

If you have a Nokia phone with a camera please upload your pictures to this Nokia Camera Phone web site. The idea is to have a web site were people can look at pictures taken with a Nokia camera phone. This is for fun and to enjoy camera phone pictures, but also for potential camera phone buyers looking for real life camera phone snaps shots.